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Hi, and welcome to Clear Coaching

I’m Rex Alexander, founder and Executive Coach at Clear Coaching. I have specialised in leadership, recruitment and people development for my entire career.

I know what it takes to build high-performing teams, lead others to achieve great results and find career fulfilment.

For the past 20 years I have researched and been immersed in leadership and career development. I do what I believe – and what I believe is that your career success and happiness is in your control and you can do it!

Professionals come to me feeling down, lost and out of energy. They come with a clouded mind and a lack of confidence. When they leave, they gain clarity and energy, feel more positive and inspired, and they take action.   

I regularly see smart, resourceful and talented people make 3 mistakes with their careers:

  • The first is that they focus on the wrong thing (like money), instead of focusing on what makes them fulfilled and happier.
  • The second is that they are great at knowing what to do. But what they really need to know is – what to not do.
  • And the third… I’ve discovered that the third challenge is always highly personal. I’d need to sit down with you and ask a few more questions to find out what that third issue might be for YOU.

Let me know if you’d like to have a casual introductory chat to begin to get you inspired to take action.

How We Help

Clear Coaching offers dynamic professional coaching programs and one-off services that meet your unique needs.

Leadership Coaching


Leadership coaching is suitable for people leaders of any level. Through guidance, encouragement and accountability you will increase your confidence, learn to think strategically and improve your professional performance. Get ready to become a transformational leader who overcomes challenges and finds success with your highly engaged team.

Career Coaching


Career coaching is designed for professionals who are looking to change their career or are seeking new opportunities within their current organisation. Discover where you want to go, what you want to achieve and your strategy to get there. Take control of your future by discovering a more fulfilling and purposeful career.

employee coaching


Corporate employee coaching is tailored to individual employees who want to excel in their chosen career. Grow your professional performance by gaining a deeper understanding of your strengths and what drives you. Enhance your skills, achieve your professional goals and set yourself up for success.

"I would confidently recommend Rex to anyone..."

The Coaching Experience

months average coaching duration
1 %
improved professional practice
1 %
improved communication skills
1 %
would repeat their coaching experience

*Statistics from the ICF & GCI

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