Corporate Employees

Corporate Employee Coaching

Private 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Our private 1-1 Corporate Employee Coaching program helps you to develop as a professional, obtain high performance and excel in your chosen career.

Benefits of private 1-1 Corporate Coaching include: 

  • enhanced professional performance
  • discovery of promotion and career growth opportunities
  • increased confidence in the workplace
  • improved professional relationships

One-Off Coaching

Private One-off Employee Coaching

Employee High Performance Coaching

Are you ready for change? 

Have you been in the same role or at the same level for too long – and now you desire something new?

If you want a change, achieve high performance or need a different perspective for your situation AND you are not sure where to start, this is where coaching comes in.

Our one-off Employee Coaching session will help you to discover clarity and direction. We will explore the steps and actions that will ensure you achieve success with your most pressing concerns, challenges and goals. 

  • one-off commitment only
  • 90 minute session where you get to ask the questions
  • expert advice from an experienced performance coach
  • gain confidence and success and reach your goals

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