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Leadership Coaching for your organisation

Positive impact. Enhanced leadership. Sustainable change.

Our organisational Leadership Coaching will help your leaders become more conscious, focused and confident to make better decisions that get results. 

Leaders who maximise their potential facilitate higher levels of performance for you, your team and your organisation.  

Confident and effective leaders aren’t born; they’re coached!

Positive sustainable behavioural change; this is the result of our leadership coaching.

Clear Coaching’s leadership coaching methodology defines leaders’ purpose, ambitions and aspirations and links them to the organisation’s goals, strategy and direction. 

Leveraging the leader’s strengths and developing an action plan cultivates improved confidence, self-awareness and communication skills. 

Typically, the leader will utilise their new behaviours and mindset to leverage and engage the passion within their team.

As the Leadership Coach, I ensure the needs of the leader and the organisation are balanced. The result of this creates a performance advantage for both.

Leaders that engage in leadership coaching:

  • cultivate higher emotional intelligence
  • communicate with impact
  • increase their self-awareness
  • think more strategically
  • increase self and team efficiency
  • improve employee engagement, and
  • perform at their highest level

Our leadership coaching drives measurable performance, sustainable change and improved engagement for the leader, their team and the organisation.

Confident and effective leaders aren’t born; they’re coached!

What does the coaching look like?

After our initial meet and greet meeting and you (or HR) have decided that your coaching journey will commence, we will develop a coaching agreement together. The coaching agreement will outline the:

  • duration for each session (normally 60-90 minutes)
  • frequency of the coaching sessions
  • the goals and main focus for leadership coaching, and
  • estimated length of the coaching engagement

Sessions can be conducted in-person, via video conference or by phone – it’s up to you.

How long is the coaching journey?

In order to see sustainable change, a coaching journey will be at least 3-6 months. The number of coaching sessions and frequency can vary during this time and is flexible to the needs, wants and availability of the leader.

What does coaching success look like?

Coaching success is determined through the goals that are developed and associated with the engagement. In addition, the coach, the client and their leader (or HR) also meet throughout the coaching engagement to discuss progress. During the last meeting, feedback is shared by the client to their leader on overall progress and next steps.

Am I coachable?

All professionals would benefit from coaching however not everyone is coachable – therefore, coaching is not for everyone.

We go deep and your coaches role is to get you to think differently, provide new perspectives and get you to act on it.

How many of these statements resonate with you?

  1. I want to make positive changes and am ready to commit to action
  2. I value new and fresh perspectives for myself and my business
  3. I want increase my self-awareness and gain more clarity
  4. I am not looking for a ‘quick fix’ or someone to solve it all
  5. I know what I do well as a leader and where my areas for improvement may be
  6. I am prepared to change habits and dispel previous thoughts in order to move forward
  7. I know that I don’t have all of the answers
  8. I take ownership of my work, my team’s results and how we contribute to the organisation’s success
If some of these statements define your current thoughts – it’s time to take action 

Confident and effective leaders aren’t born; they’re coached!

Our Leadership Coaching program comes with a package of high-value benefits, tailored to your needs.

The program includes:

  • 2 private 1-on-1 leadership coaching sessions per month
  • coaching sessions conducted in-person, via video conference or phone
  • unlimited 24/7 access to your trusted and experienced leadership advisor – via SMS, phone or email
  • Observational Coaching assessment and reflection
  • leadership assessments with review and actions for success*
  • quarterly leadership workshops
  • access to content specific to your needs
  • support and accountability with your trusted sounding board
  • leadership development and goal setting
  • full support in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment

*Some assessments may incur additional costs.

Looking for something more bespoke?

Did you know we also offer –

  • Leadership facilitation and development
  • Group coaching for teams and leaders or both
  • Speaking at leadership events
Contact us to find out more.

Building stronger, successful organisations and teams – one leader at a time.

Hi and thank you for reviewing Clear Coaching’s Leadership Coaching program for the leaders in your organisation.

As a certified and experienced coach, I take coaching your leaders very seriously. As your trusted partner I help them by asking powerful and timely questions during engaging and enlightening conversations. Together we define their purpose, goals and aspirations and link them to your (and the organisations) priorities. Our Leadership Coaching Process (below) leads to sustainable behavioural changes that positively influence how they lead into the future.

Why choose me? 

Great question! I am a certified leadership coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. I have met stringent education and experience requirements and adhere to strict ethical guidelines. I have 20+ years of leadership experience in not-for-profit, government and private sector organisations. You can find out more about coaching and me (Rex) HERE.

Or, download our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ PDF file that outlines Rex’s leadership, coaching and business experience, skills and qualifications.

Fees and Charges

Our high performance leadership coaching is a tailored program that can be delivered in person, via video conference or over the phone – depending on where your organisation and employees are located.

The cost of your package will depend on your specific coaching, facilitation and development requirements with our packages ranging from 3-months to 12-months.

Reduced rates are available for multiple employees and/or programs and will depend on your bespoke inclusions and benefits. Please contact us to discuss your organisational requirements.

Next Steps

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Clear Coaching - Leadership Coaching Process

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