Interview nerves: the ultimate guide to conquer them – and win the job!

Those last few minutes before a job interview can be quite dreadful – but there is some good news…

The good news is that it is possible to control your nerves, keep your thoughts positive and present the very best version of yourself.

Starting with one week before your job interview through to being in the hot seat – this ultimate guide will help you to control your nerves and win the job you want.

One week before…

One week before is all about the 3 Rs

Research – Review –Rehearse


We all fear what we don’t know.

Research the company inside and out. Check out their website, corporate plan, strategic plan, newsletters, blog posts, news articles etc.

Even better than an online search is a current employee. Find one, on LinkedIn for example, and ask them about the company.


To be successful at a job interview you have to come across as authentic and trustworthy.

One powerful way to do this is to ensure your interview question responses are consistent with your application and resume.

Review your application and resume and make sure you focus in on your strengths. This is also a good time to note any potential interview questions and write strong examples that will answer them.


It’s time to rehearse your responses to interview questions you believe will be asked. Find someone you trust, ask them to read out the questions and answer them.

By rehearsing your responses, you will feel more confident in your delivery and be prepared for any tough interview questions.

The day before…

The day before is an important time.

Your mind will be telling you to ‘cram’ in more research and keep on rehearsing your responses to interview questions – just. one. more. time!

Resist… resist the urge to overdo it. Filling your brain now will only confuse you.

Do this instead –

  • understand who you are, what you have to offer and why you’re the perfect person for the position
  • plan your route into the interview address so you are not rushing
  • lightly review your responses to interview questions you believe will be asked (emphasis on lightly here folks)

One super-important ‘the day before the interview’ suggestion is –

Watch what you eat and drink… for obvious reasons (burp!) 😊

15 minutes before…

This is it. Your big moment.

You are ready and you’re going to be awesome.

To really keep those pre-interview nerves under control, do this –

  • arrive early
  • smile at everyone you meet
  • breathe slowly
  • focus on what you have to offer and why you’re a good fit
  • stay off social media
  • practice mindfulness

Here is an easy and effective mindfulness practice that really works.

Whilst sitting in a chair…

  • place both feet flat on the ground
  • concentrate your thoughts onto your feet connecting with the floor
  • focus on your feet touching the inside of your shoes
  • focus on one foot – then the other – then both
  • breathe in and out naturally as you go

This will quiet your inner voice, naturally control your breathing and instil a sense of calmness over you.

During the interview…

An interview is a conversation where a person or group of people are getting to know you and you getting to know them.

By treating the interview as a conversation, you will feel more relaxed and find real confidence in your delivery.

Interview conversations focus on the following 3 main elements –

  • can you do the job
  • will you do the job
  • will you get along with others

By responding to interview questions with these 3 elements in mind, your interview conversation will flow like a normal conversation.

To really keep those nerves under control, it is also good idea to –

  • breathe slowly
  • listen carefully
  • take note of people’s names, and
  • focus on 1-2 strengths you want to be remembered by


Feeling nervous at an interview is normal and not always a bad thing. It can keep you on your toes, motivate you and is a good sign that you care.

Apply these tips from the week before to during the interview you will feel calm, look professional and stand out from the competition.

This will give you the opportunity you need to show them who you are, what you have to offer and win that job – go for it!



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