Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Private 1-on-1 Coaching Membership Program

Our private 1-on-1 leadership coaching will give you the support, guidance and accountability you need to improve your leadership skills, become more conscious and focused and get better results.

Benefits of 1-on-1 leadership coaching include:

  • increased awareness, trust and rapport with your team
  • improved clarity and certainty with decisions
  • increased self-confidence
  • enhanced critical thinking and leadership skills

Our high performance leadership coaching comes with a package of high-value inclusions and benefits, tailored to your needs. 

The program includes:

  • 2 private 1-on-1 leadership coaching sessions per month 
  • coaching sessions conducted in-person, via video conference or phone
  • unlimited 24/7 access to your trusted and experienced leadership advisor – via SMS, phone or email
  • Observational Coaching assessment and reflection
  • leadership assessments with review and actions for success*
  • quarterly leadership workshops 
  • access to content specific to your needs
  • support and accountability with your trusted sounding board
  • leadership development and goal setting
  • full support in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment

*Some assessments may incur additional costs.

For your initial first few coaching sessions we will explore where you are now in your leadership career, what supported you to get to this point and discover how to get you to the next level.

We will define your goals for coaching and agree on how to measure success. We will discuss the terms of our engagement such as location, meeting frequency and direction.

For each subsequent coaching session, you set the agenda. We can discuss anything that’s top of mind for you which could be – a pending challenge or perhaps an issue or problem you would like to explore – it’s up to you.

You are free to take notes or record our coaching sessions if you would like something to refer back to later. Each session is booked in advance at a time convenient to you and your coach.

Fees and Charges

Our high performance leadership coaching is a tailored program that can be delivered in person, via video conference or over the phone – depending on your location.

The cost of your package will depend on your specific coaching, facilitation and development requirements with our packages ranging from 3-months to 12-months.

For further information and to receive details that outline your package inclusions, benefits and costs, please contact us. 

You can pause your sessions at any time in the event of a family emergency or something similar – just contact your coach to discuss.

If you are self-funding your leadership coaching please note that your leadership coaching fees may be tax deductible in Australia. For further information, please check with your taxation professional or the Australian Taxation Office.

Coaching is not for everyone. We go deep and your coach’s role is to get you to think differently – and act on it.

You need to be prepared to change habits, dispel previous thoughts and move forward in a future focused, positive and strength-based environment. Change is scary and some people find it challenging.

If you want to improve and you want to rock up to work each day feeling empowered, confident and energetic – then book your discovery call using the Enquire Now link below.

Not sure where to start? Your leadership coaching discovery call is FREE – no risk and no obligation.

Want to ask your organisation to sponsor all or part of your coaching fee? Great idea – many organisations support their employees with professional coaching. Enquire HERE for a printable PDF with details of our Leadership Coaching Program to be emailed to you.

One-Off Coaching

Private One-off Leadership Coaching

People Leaders

If you are new to people leadership or are a technical expert who is looking for some advice on ‘people’ then our Leadership Solutions session is for you. Get out of that rut and face your leadership challenge with confidence, conviction and lead with inspiration.

One-off Coaching

Our private one-off coaching solutions are just that – 1-on-1 coaching solutions that provide you experienced and practical advice, help you regain leadership confidence and become that inspirational people leader.

  • one-off commitment only
  • 60-90 minute session where you get to ask the questions
  • expert advice from an experienced Leadership Coach
  • gain confidence and success and reach your goals

New to people leadership or, are you an experienced supervisor – team leader – manager, who is ‘stuck’?  

Consider our Leadership Solutions session your quick-fix, no-holds-barred, tell it like it is solution to discover what to do (and not do) as a new people leader and solutions to your most pressing leadership challenges.

The details

  • 60-90 minute coaching session where we explore your most pressing leadership challenge
  • learn what to do next or where to find support for your workplace concern
  • discover how to lead with confidence and have strong relationships with your team members
  • explore proven methods on how to have those ‘difficult conversations’
  • a tailored follow-up action plan to move you forward and gain more confidence
$249 – click HERE or use the purchase button below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need a program tailored to you?

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Leadership Coaching Process

Leadership Coaching Process image