The most valuable lesson business professionals can learn from sport

Even experts need coaches. So, if you are an expert, why do you need a coach?

Good question.

A good place to look first is within the world of sport.

To be the best in your chosen sport, to beat the competition, everyone would agree that, you need a coach.

All Olympic athletes, and of course the Gold medallists, have a coach. No doubt they:

  • have been competing in their sport for a long time
  • are extremely good at it, and
  • are respected by their peers, fans and competitors

– even before they reach the Olympic Games!

This holds true for professional employees too. Who do you know that has been working in their chosen field for a long time, are very good at it and respected by others?

To maximise your professional potential, who can best support you?

To be the best in the business world, an expert; a visionary leader or to grow your professional potential – who is best to support you?

How do you ‘sharpen your saw?’ How do you become the best you can be?

You have two choices – you can go it alone or get an expert to support you.

1 – Go it alone

There are many problems with making it on your own. One big one is that you don’t recognise the issues that are standing in your way – the interference.

“Sometimes, what is right in front of you is the least obvious to see.”

2 – Get an expert to support you

This is where coaching comes in.

What do great coaches do?

Coaches act as your external eyes and ears. They provide an accurate picture of your reality.

They are:

  • recognising the fundamentals
  • getting you to think differently,
  • helping you put it all together into a plan of action – then support you to act on it.

Is it a one hit wonder? Or a miracle cure…?

Unfortunately not, it’s a journey.

Some of my clients see instant results such as listening to others with positive intent or improving how they communicate with their team.

They feel calmer on the inside and have increased confidence and clarity of:

  • who they are
  • what they have to offer, and
  • how best they can support themselves and those around them.

Amazing changes start to appear as they step closer to solving their most pressing issues and start achieving their performance goals.

Coaching involves something profoundly important – it’s not just how good you are now –

it’s how good you’re going to be, that really matters.

Why is coaching so powerful?

As a coach, I am your strategic business partner that acts as your trusted facilitator.

I create an atmosphere in which deep and meaningful dialogue takes place. I challenge individuals to adopt new ways of thinking and be accountable for their actions.

I ask powerful and timely questions that cause reflection and awareness to new solutions – solutions that come from within the client.

Why do I love being a coach?

It’s simple really… as a coach I am fully present with my client and mirror their emotions when they discover for themselves, the next step; the solution; the one thing they didn’t realise or see. I love these moments.

It is a privilege to be a part of their journey and to see them become empowered by the discovery and decision of what to do next – that’s why I love being a coach.

If you would like to learn more about gaining confidence and finding clarity in your career, add a comment below and I will respond to it. Or, click here to contact me directly.

Never stop learning,



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